RewardX is an worldwide online riddle and quiz game. You have to solve different riddles, puzzles, quizzes, questions and more. If you are faster than the other players and solve all the riddles, you win the prize money.

Register for free, secure a ticket before the tickets are sold out and you can play against the other players for the prize money.

After all tickets have been sold, a countdown will start to show when the game will start. When the game has started, you can play via the “Play” or the “Games” link in the menu, provided you have a valid ticket for the game.

The number of upcoming games depends on how many participants there are and how high the demand is. If the tickets are sold out, there will be new games as soon as possible.

The winnings of the games are different. The following prizes are awarded for the first games:


  • #1 = 100,000 Reward Points = 1000€
  • #2 = 50,000 Reward Points = 500€ 
  • #3 = 10,000 Reward Points = 100€
  • #4 – #10 = 1,000 Reward Points = 10€
  • #11- #20 = 500 Reward Points = 5€
  • #21- #50 = 1 Ticket Coupon

Solve all tasks of the respective game. At the end of each game, you get to a specific contact form in which you have to enter a password. After the message has been received, it will be checked whether you have a valid ticket and whether the password or solution is correct. The message that reaches us first will win.

Example: The first message from Peter reaches us at 6:21 pm, the second message from Jamie reaches us at 6:22 pm, and the third message from Alex reaches us at 6:23 pm. That is, Peter is # 1, Jamie # 2 and Alex # 3, and so on. If the mails arrive at the same time, the seconds in which the mails reach us count.

The game is over as soon as all places are taken. After the game is over, it will be deactivated and removed. Places 1-3 will then be published on our winners page. All winners will also be notified by email.

You can have your credit paid out on your profile page using the “Request Payout” button. At the moment, your credit can only be paid out via PayPal. Further payment types will follow. The coupons for the winners of the free game tickets will be sent by email within 7 working days.

The games start as soon as all tickets are sold. After all tickets have been sold, a special countdown will be displayed on the game page and the ticket page. After the countdown has ended, the game starts. So you should visit the ticket page or the game page as often as possible so as not to miss the start. This is your responsibility.

Reward Points are points that you get for referring new members to RewardX or if you win a Game on RewardX. So if you want play a game and share the game, you can do so using the advertising link on your profile page or directly on the ticket page. This way, the game gets more participants and you also receive reward points when a new member registers and buys a ticket.

You get Reward Points if you referr new members for Reward with your referral link and they buy a ticket or if you win a Game on RewardX. You get 5% of the ticket price for every ticket bought by a member that you referred.

You can share the RewardX games and the RewardX Website or tell your friends about it. The more players there are and the faster the tickets are sold out, the faster the games start.

Gamer Points are points that you get for certain things on RewardX. For example, for unlocking achievements and more.

No. Gamer Points are only used for ranking on RewardX.

Yes. As soon as you have reached 100 Reward Points (€10), you can have them paid out via PayPal.

Yes, you can use your Reward Points to pay Tickets

You can only use 1 ticket and 1 account per household and IP for one game. You can only register and use 1 account on RewardX. Our system checks this and deletes multiple accounts including their winnings and credit.

The operators of RewardX do not speak perfect English. But we want to give as many people as possible around the world the opportunity to play. So forgive us if our translation is not always perfect. We think that the basic things are translated clearly enough 😉

No problem. Just write us a message via our contact page.